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San Francisco-based Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is the leading collection of boutique hotels and restaurants in the United States and the acknowledged industry pioneer that first introduced the boutique hotel concept to America. In 1981, Bill Kimpton founded the company that today is renowned for making travelers feel genuinely cared for while away from home through thoughtful perks and amenities, award-winning restaurants and bars, distinctive design that tells a story and inspires a sense of fun at each hotel and a sincerely personal style of guest service.

A guest room at Kimpton Hotel

A guest room at the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa Cayman Islands

AVE BRADLEY Global Senior Vice President, Design and Creative Director


Global Senior Vice President, Design & Creative Director

What makes Kimpton Hotels unique and sets them apart?

One of our great opportunities at Kimpton is that we’re considered a company that’s comprised of “brands of one.” That means we don’t have any boundaries or constraints with regards to our style and design. We’re empowered to design hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues that are responsive to the needs of the market and the neighborhood, bringing to life something that’s unique, custom and bespoke—different than any of our venues that have come before it—and highly connected to the architecture and the neighborhood. It’s a huge challenge. Not the easy way to design for a brand, but completely thrilling and challenging every day.

How does Frette add to the concept of Kimpton Hotels?

The program that we’ve developed with Frette is diverse and allows us to add exactly the right finishing touch to a room based on the style of the property. Sometimes a room calls out for a low key and simple crisp white sheet like some of our properties in Southern California that embody an uncomplicated, low key casual feeling. Other rooms have a bit more formality and need just a touch of finish to them and the piped sheets that we’ve developed with Frette in a few different colorways do just that—the piping is subtle but the level of detail that they add ties a room together.

We’ve also developed a number of unique robes with Frette that branch beyond our signature leopard print. We have the same ability to tailor the robe selection to capture the essence of the spirit of each hotel to tell a tighter story.

Frette has been such a wonderful partner to Kimpton and a symbol of our commitment to luxury and quality. Guests are familiar with the Frette brand and our collaboration has a halo effect on our brand.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Frette?

It feels like heaven to me—when I fall into a great bed with amazing sheets and the perfect pillows that feel cloud-like I literally watch myself take a deep breath and smile and then actually work hard to stay awake because it feels so good that I don’t want to miss it.

Kimpton Seafire Resort guest room Kimpton Seafire Resort guest roomKimpton Seafire Resort guest room

Interiors of guest rooms at Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa Cayman Islands

We’re empowered to design hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues that are responsive to the needs of the market and the neighborhood, bringing to life something that’s unique, custom and bespoke.

How do you define luxury?

Luxury is a lot of very different things to me depending on my state of mind and what my pace has been like. Often the ultimate luxury for me is time and space: time to work out, walk on a beach, get pampered at a spa, go out into nature and be inspired by the wonder of it all.

One of the ultimate luxuries for me is a place where I go and do a 2-hour sensory deprivation tank. I’m able to find the deepest state of meditation that I’ve known—a place where I can really get away from all outside stimulation and where answers just show up for me. The exact opposite of isolation is luxury for me as well—I love adventure travel to foreign, exotic and off-the-beaten-path destinations where I can immerse myself in new cultures, explore, push myself to the limit and challenge myself physically and mentally.

What are your three most important elements when designing a bedroom or guestroom?

  1. A feature element, usually the headboard wall as a whole.
  2. The art program.
  3. The overall color palette.

What makes a city the perfect location for a Kimpton Hotel?

We love a city that has soul—a pulse and cultural diversity. A locally proud, energized and involved community that’s working to create a great destination for entrepreneurs, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries and hotels. I love a city that’s emerging and rediscovering itself. It can be a city where people have moved away to get broader life and world experiences, but have a pull toward home. People can come back with great ideas and a desire to make their home communities more interesting and revitalized.

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