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Josun Palace
231 Teheran ro GangnSeoul, Seoul, Korea

+82 2-727-7200

Josun Palace

Josun Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Seoul Gangnam opened on 25th of May, 2021 in the heart of Seoul, in a vibrant and upscale suburb of Gangnam.


This hotel is Marriott International’s first Luxury Collection-branded property opened in Korea.

Josun Palace, Seoul

Josun Palace, Seoul

What was Josun Palace’s design inspiration and how does it influence guest experience?

Designed by the esteemed architectural visionary duo, Humbert & Poyet, Josun Palace redefines luxury by seamlessly fusing contemporary elegance with timeless Korean design, encompassing stronglines and bold geometric patterns. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Korean architecture of the Joseon Dynasty, the design harmoniously intertwines traditional and modern architectural elements.

The design emphasizes harmony and balance, creating a peaceful and serene environment for guests. Attention to detail and the incorporation of natural elements further enrich the guest's journey. Ultimately, the refined design of Josun Palace assumes a pivotal role in cultivating an authentic and lavish guest experience, resonating with the profound cultural heritage of Korea.

What is one thing guests will experience only at Josun Palace?

Guests staying at Josun Palace have the privilege of enjoying a renowned collection of over 400 contemporary art pieces displayed throughout the property. From the mesmerizing Daniel Asham masterpiece that graces the welcome reception to a diverse range of captivating works from around the globe, guests find themselves enveloped in the surrounding art experience.

This exclusive opportunity to appreciate exceptional artworks within the property adds an unique and captivating feature to the Josun Palace experience, making it truly special..

Turning to the guest rooms, how does Josun Palace deliver an element of comfort and familiarity whilst remaining true to the hotel’s experience at large?

Josun Palace provides an ambiance of comfort and familiarity, effortlessly achieved through its warm and inviting room design, attentive and gracious staff, and seamless integration of Korean cultural elements. Known for its commitment to excellence, the property adheres to rigorous standards of quality and consistency, ensuring a delightful experience for every guest.

Notably, the attention to detail extends to every aspect of the stay, with air purifiers and clothing care systems thoughtfully provided in each room, guaranteeing a serene and immaculate experience for all. Along with tablets and digital concierge services available in all rooms.

Which of Josun Palace’s services can’t be missed?

As part of the unforgettable experience, guests are immersed in the unique fragrance known as ‘Lasting Impression’ that is exclusively created for Josun Palace. Visitors have the special opportunity to purchase candles and car air fresheners infused with the same captivating aroma. Guests opting for a room package can indulge in the exclusive "Palace Garden Tea" at the esteemed 1914 Lounge & Bar. .

How does Frette fit into guest experience at Josun Palace? What makes our two brands such a natural fit?

Frette's premium linen, renowned for its unrivaled quality, luxury, and commitment to ultimate comfort, seamlessly aligns with Josun Palace's dedication to providing an extraordinary guest experience. This harmonious partnership ensures that every visitor to Josun Palace is immersed in an unparalleled, lavish stay.

What is your favourite thing to do in Gangnam, Seoul?

Discover the essence of Gangnam, known for shopping and entertainment. Explore trendy boutiques, luxury fashion brands, and premium department stores. Popular amongst visitors, the COEX Mall is Asia's largest underground shopping destination. And wxperience the vibrant pulse of the Korean entertainment industry, with entertainment companies, recording studios, and themed cafes offering direct access to the captivating world of K-pop and Korean dramas.

What draws visitors to Seoul especially Gangnam?

Located in the heart of Gangnam, Josun Palace finds itself nestled within a highly sought-after travel destination in the southern part of Seoul. This vibrant district exudes a modern charm, offering a blend of luxury shopping experiences and an array of diverse tourist attractions.

Renowned for its prestigious fashion brands and enticing shopping malls, visitors can delve into the rich tapestry of Korean culture by exploring historical sites and museums, as Gangnam provides an opportunity to embark on an immersive cultural journey. With its well-connected transportation network, this dynamic district ensures convenient access for travelers to further explore the wonders of the city. Gangnam stands as an irresistible destination, while having something for everyone.

Where is your favourite place at Josun Palace to enjoy a private moment?

For those seeking an intimate and exclusive retreat, my favorite hideaway at Josun Palace is the distinguished Josun Grand Master Suite. It is a haven of tranquility and indulgence, boasting a separate dining room where private dining experiences unfold with effortless elegance, making it a perfect place for holding special events. With its separate bedrooms, a sophisticated study, and a lavish dressing room, the suite offers a truly personalized experience that is highly coveted by guests.

To experience Gangnam like a local, where should guests visit?

Garosu-gil, the most popular street in Gangnam, reigns as the ultimate destination for trendsetters. Its trendy boutiques, cosy cafes, and inspiring galleries create a unique shopping and dining experience that merges local and international flavors. Meanwhile, Bongeunsa Temple, a Buddhist temple located in the heart of Gangnam, provides a serene escape from the bustling city, showcasing stunning architecture and inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its peaceful ambiance and witness temple ceremonies. In this dynamic district, Garosu-gil and Bongeunsa Temple stand as captivating landmarks, offering a blend of vibrant energy and spiritual serenity.

Josun Palace Josun Palace Josun PalaceJosun PalaceJosun PalaceJosun Palace

Josun Palace, Seoul

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