The New Classic The New Classic

The New Classic

Introducing Milk, a versatile lighter-than-ivory hue that can be paired with your traditional white or ivory for an understated layered look.
Mixed Media Mixed Media

The Three F’s

1 Fibre

Cotton quality depends on fibre length - longer fibres make a more uniform, resistant and smoother thread.

Thread count measures threads per square inch and produces various results of texture and breathability. The higher the thread count, the less air flow; thus, sateens sleep warmer than percales.

2 Finish

The hand, or silkiness, of a fabric is not a result of thread count, but rather the finishing process - a treatment to the woven fabric to increase durability or shine.

Frette fabrics go through a patented finishing process to create the super smooth and lustrous finish unlike any other.

3 Feel

Feel is the texture and weight of the finished product, determining its best use. The best bedding material is one that feels comfortable to sleep in depending on the weather, the surroundings, and body heat.

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Summer Linen Summer Linen

Summer Linen

Hotel Classic Collection Hotel Classic Collection

Hotel Classic Collection

John Rowland + Sarah Broughton John Rowland + Sarah Broughton
The Whitley, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Atlanta Buckhead The Whitley, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Atlanta Buckhead
Our Heritage Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Since 1860, Frette has endeavored to produce linens and home furnishings of unparalled quality for remarkable hotels and homes across the globe.

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