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Ette Hotel
3001 Sherberth Road, Kissimmee, FL 34747

+1 407-288-1900

Ette Hotel

ette hotel, the earthy…true…timeless…elegant brainchild of Mazda Ekbatani and his wife, Sheila Amini, is a 5-star, 126-room boutique hotel and is a masterpiece of elegance and grace. Just minutes from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, ette is, in fact, the closest luxury hotel to the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and attractions.


It boasts a world class SPA, two restaurants curated by Michelin-Starred Executive Chef, Akira Back, and features its luxurious, signature Frette linens and terry in all guest rooms, in its SPA and by the pool.

Ette Hotel, Kissimmee

Ette Hotel, Kissimmee


What draws guests to Orlando, Florida?

In Orlando, dreams come alive amidst world-class theme parks, where the enchantment of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and Sea World Orlando intertwines with unforgettable experiences. Nature lovers are amazed by the city's sunny weather, picturesque landscapes, and outdoor activities such as boating and wildlife exploration. Cultural enthusiasts find solace in Orlando's vibrant scene, with theaters, museums, and art galleries offering inspiring encounters. From diverse dining options and endless shopping opportunities to lively entertainment districts, visitors of all ages and interests are immersed in an atmosphere of endless enjoyment. Orlando beckons with its luxury, adventure, and a touch of magic, inviting all to embrace a realm where dreams are transformed into cherished memories.


Are there seasons, events or timeframes that draw a lot of visitors?

In Orlando, peak seasons include school holidays which creates an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Families flock to the city during summer break, spring break, and winter holidays to create lasting vacation memories. Notable events such as the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, and the holiday-themed festivities at the theme parks draw crowds and offer immersive experiences. From tantalizing culinary journeys to thrilling encounters and the enchantment of holiday celebrations, Orlando's calendar is filled with moments that ignite the imagination and create cherished memories for all who visit during various times of the year.


What is the most beautiful time to visit Orlando?

Whether summer, fall, winter or spring, Orlando is always at its best. Its theme park destinations, outlet malls and ultra-fashionable shopping destinations, such as Park Avenue in Winter Park or the lavish Mall at Millenia, are open year round. On the cultural side, although a visit in summer does not catch such world-class artistic ensembles as the Orlando Ballet, Opera Orlando, and the Orlando Philharmonic in their regular season, off-season performances by these artists as well as myriad performances at local and regional theatres and concert venues—especially the internationally renowned Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing arts and its unparalleled, acoustically perfect

We also encourage guests to visit the Orlando Museum of Art and The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, containing the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933). 


What is an unforgettable experience in Orlando that you would recommend to first time visitors?

While in Winter Park, be sure to reserve a spot on the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour, a relaxing, narrated, not-to-be-missed, one-hour cruise through three of the seven historic Winter Park chain of lakes and two manmade canals. This unique experience provides a captivating look back at the true essence of Central Florida.


What is the go-to local lunch/brunch/dinner spot?

Salt & the Cellar by Akira Back, our signature dining experience, located in the ette hotel lobby, is the go-to lunch/brunch/dinner spot, where you can partake in the transcendent culinary artistry of Michelin-Starred Executive Chef, Akira Back. Here modern Asian inventiveness embraces—and breathes new life into—traditional Mediterranean cuisine, blending both into a symphony of flavor to delight the most discriminating of palates. Although ette is a wellness focused, “dry” property, its magnificent mocktails,  a “multi-sensory” experience all their own, more than make up for it. Curated by the preeminent, mercurial genius, Jarl de Vries, our “Cocktail Professor,” they strike an impeccable balance of flavor and punch for a deliciously accented, before- and after-dinner indulgence. Patrons seeking more of a kick from their beverages may also enjoy their own favorite libation with no corkage fee. 

Salt & the Cellar offers a wonderfully nutritious breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.; a savory and satisfying lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and a lavishly flavorful dinner from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. On Sunday afternoons from noon until 4:00 p.m., ette presents its High Tea, featuring both an and a bountiful assortment of carefully curated sweet and savory offerings.


How is ette different from other hotels in the area?

Nestled amid the imagination and wonder of world-famous theme parks and the pristine natural beauty of Central Florida rests theelegant (ette) hotel, your escape from the mundane and entree to the remarkable. Cross our threshold and discover an oasis of calm that envelops and refreshes. From the moment you step into our sumptuous lobby wrapped in exquisite Venetian plaster, and appointed with custom-designed, hand-chiseled artisanal furnishings from world-famous SENTIENT in Brooklyn NY, you’ll know you’re about to embark on an awe-inspiring adventure the whole family will love and remember for years to come.


What unique experiences can guests expect at ette?

Explore the Tuscan-inspired, Missoni-styled courtyard and herb garden, home to our delightfully sublime afternoon high tea, served on the finest English China drawn from the impeccable Edward Williams collection. Lounge in and upon  unsurpassed Frette terry as you relax around our lush and tranquil tropical pool, perfect for a refreshing dip or luxuriant lounging while at-your-service professionals provide a flavorful assortment of delicacies and elixirs to relish as you bask in the radiant Florida sun. 

Tucked away in your sanctuary, spend magnificently lavish nights embraced by 1080-thread Frette Egyptian cotton bed linens, cradled by a supple softness that caresses your contours and lulls you into an impossibly deep and restorative sleep. Then after rinsing away the flotsam & jetsam of the previous day, luxuriously soft and absorbent Frette towels and a lavishly sublime Frette robe beckon you to a day of discovery. You’ll emerge refreshed, renewed and ready for whatever the new day may bring. 


What is one thing guests will experience ONLY at ette?

After an incomparable breakfast at Salt & the Cellar, be sure to relax and savor that mug of java in front of the world’s first-and-only Laundry Museum. Here our “nothing hidden, open access” laundry experience showcases the pristine care your Frette linens receive as our laundry professionals gently caress them in preparation for your future enjoyment.

We heard about your Michelin Starred Chef, Akira Back restaurant. Tell us more! What inspired the concept? What are signature dishes on the menu? What can guests expect?

At the end of a long, but very exciting day of discovery, return to Salt & the Cellar by Akira Back and be greeted by nimble and sublime salts culled from exotic locations. Served in “salt cellars (for which the restaurant is named),” small, lidded or open, ceramic, wood, metal or glass vessels with ancient Roman origins, these nimbly piquant or sublime magicians from around the world release the rare, luxuriant bouquet secreted within the delightfully marbled Japanese Wagyu and other equally precious cuts of beef at our exclusive dining establishment. 

A New York steak, a highly prized Japanese A-5 steak, and gold wrapped and regular Tomahawk steaks grace the menu and are presented by a salt ”Sommelier” (a term traditionally used for a server of fine wines but now also associated with a purveyor of fine salts) with five salt selections: Persian Blue Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt, Espresso Salt, White Truffle Salt, and Purple Salt, each providing a unique, savory enhancement all their own for a symphony a flavor fit for the most discriminating gourmet. Also on the menu are such international favorites as the Akira Back Tuna Pizza, a paper-thin wafer topped with tuna and drizzled with umami aioli, white truffle oil, micro shiso, marinated masago, or roe, and chojang, a sweet and spicy Korean sauce.

Back, a former professional snowboarder, was born in Seoul, Korea, spent his teen years in Aspen, Colorado, and gained worldwide recognition with his Yellowtail restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. He earned a Michelin Star for his DOSA restaurant in Seoul and has since built a culinary empire encompassing 22 restaurants in London, Paris, Dallas, Houston, Delray Beach, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, Seoul, Marrakech, Riyadh and, of course, the ette hotel in Kissimmee. He has appeared on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” and “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and NBC’s “The Today Show,” among others. 


How does Frette add to the guest experience at ette? What inspired the bespoke Frette pieces?

The Ekbatanis chose Frette linens for their exceptional quality, luxurious feel, and for the company’s spotless reputation. Frette is known for crafting premium linens that provide ultimate comfort and durability. By offering Frette linens, they sought to elevate the guest experience, create a sense of indulgence and ensure guest satisfaction. Frette’s association with luxury and sophistication made it the perfect  choice for ette’s discerning guests who are seeking an all-around, elegant, high-end experience.


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Ette Hotel, Kissimmee

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