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Grace La Margna St Moritz
Via Serlas 5, 7500 St Moritz, Switzerland

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Grace La Margna St Moritz

The newly opened Grace La Margna St Moritz, a 5-star superior hotel, combines historical Art Nouveau style with modern design and offers a panoramic view over Lake St Moritz. The hotel consists of the historic La Margna Wing and the modern Grace Wing, housing a total of 74 spacious rooms and suites. With culinary diversity, a luxurious spa, and a young, ambitious team, the hotel is the first Luxury Lifestyle & Boutique Hotel in St Moritz.


Grace La Margna St Moritz


What makes the Grace La Margna St Moritz destination unique?

The Grace La Margna is located in St Moritz, situated in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, known for its natural beauty and stunning landscapes at an altitude of 1.856 meters. Due to its elegance, uniqueness, exclusivity, innovation and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, St Moritz is one of the world's most famous ski resorts. It offers an attractive mixture of nature, sport, activity, and culture.

What makes St Moritz extra special is its rich cultural heritage, with events like the St Moritz Gourmet Festival, White Turf horse races on the frozen lake, and the annual St Moritz Snow Polo, such as the Jazz Festival in summer. These events attract connoisseurs of art, food, and sports from all over the world.

The destination is characterised by top-class restaurants that can satisfy gourmet demands even by the side of the slopes, hotels that set standards in every category, and events of international caliber.


What draws people to the property?

St Moritz has lots of events in winter and summer, focusing on art, music, food, and sports. The busiest times are from December to February for winter, and July and August for summer.

However, St Moritz shines all year-round, showcasing its breathtaking beauty in every season. That is why the GRACE LA MARGNA welcomes guests 365 days a year, as the only 5-Star Superior Hotel.

One particularly beloved time is the Indian summer in autumn when the Engadine region transforms into a breathtaking golden landscape.


What is the most beautiful time to visit St Moritz?

Each season offers a unique reason to visit St Moritz.

It all depends on personal preference. Some may come for the stunning hikes in the summer, seeking refuge from the heat and chaos of the cities. Others may prefer the winter months for exceptional opportunities in winter sports.


What is an unforgettable experience, you would recommend to first-time visitors?

Our hotel aims to bring vibrant city vibes into the serene mountain surroundings. With a dynamic and passionate young team, we strive to deliver a luxurious experience with a relaxed touch. At the heart of our establishment lies our N/5 – THE BAR, where guests can immerse themselves in an extraordinary atmosphere. Led by our Master Mixologist & Bar Manager, Mirco Giumelli, our team crafts stunning cocktails that tantalize the senses. Each of our restaurants plays a leading role, offering a fresh and inviting dining experience.


How is your property different from the other hotels in the region?

At the GRACE LA MARGNA, we blend tradition with innovation through careful partner selection and brand research. Our furniture, sourced from Molteni & C, offers a diverse range of color combinations to create an exceptional atmosphere. We prioritize local and sustainable brands for our amenities, along with niche products that enrich our storytelling. Together, these elements contribute to the modern ambiance and vibe we aim to convey.


What unique experiences can guests experience at Grace La Margna St Moritz?

Guests can enjoy a fully serviced hotel experience, complete with modern technology. Each room is equipped with suite pads for easy communication and ordering from our team. We offer a diverse selection of restaurants to satisfy every palate. Additionally, our internal sports shop provides all the necessary equipment for guests to fully enjoy the activities in the Engadine region. The team is tirelessly dedicated to crafting a tailored program and meeting all needs to ensure an exceptional vacation experience.


What culinary experiences are available for guests?

The GRACE LA MARGNA offers three distinct restaurants. THE VIEW is an all-day dining restaurant with a breathtaking panoramic view of the UNESCO train station and the St Moritz Lake, serving Mediterranean cuisine.

THE MAXMORITZ is a pop-up concept that changes its culinary offerings every season. However, the highlight is the N/5 – THE BAR, renowned for serving the finest drinks in town and boasting a dedicated menu of delicious snacks and delights.


What inspired the concept?

Our concept revolves around offering classicals of each cuisine with a personalized touch from our Executive Chef, Andrea Bonini. Each dish is carefully crafted, with a focus on seasonal ingredients.

Furthermore, all our menus feature a diverse selection, including vegan and vegetarian options, to cater to every dietary preference.


What are the signature dishes on the menu guests ask for most?

Our vegan dishes, like our pumpkin tartare, take center stage, each meticulously handcrafted by our dedicated kitchen team. Another standout plate is our Ravioli alla Cacciatora. We continuously rotate our dishes to ensure a diverse selection, keeping our offerings fresh, on-trend, and infused with seasonal ingredients, providing our guests with a delightful culinary experience.


What inspired the partnership with Frette?

We chose Frette as our partner because it epitomizes Italian craftsmanship and high-quality products.

Given St Moritz's proximity to Milan, there's a strong influence of Italian culture, and we strive to blend these two worlds seamlessly. Additionally, Frette's design ethos aligns perfectly with our vision, and the prospect of personalization was a project of mutual interest.

Upon entering the room, guests are greeted with a cozy Frette blanket on the bed, extending a warm welcome. All bed linens, towels, bathrobes, and even children's ponchos are custom-made by FRETTE for GRACE, ensuring a personalized touch.

An eye-catching feature on the bed is our decorative pillow embroidered with the GRACE logo. A special touch for all guests is the soft turndown mats placed every evening, ensuring a delightful bedtime experience akin to feeling like one's feet are on clouds.

In our restaurants, Frette provides coasters, tablecloths, and napkins. Additionally, Frette blankets are also used in our spa for treatments.

Our goal is to create a cozy atmosphere and make our guests feel at home, and with the right products, we achieve just that.


Grace La Margna St. MoritzGrace La Margna St. Moritz Grace La Margna St. Moritz Grace La Margna St. Moritz

Grace La Margna St Moritz

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