The White Shop

The White Shop
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The White Shop

Frette has been developing the unique white, soft, shiny finish that its fabrics are renowned for since 1903. Today, we use a special oxygen treatment to eliminate impurities from our high-quality cotton fibres and to improve their whiteness. All of our fabrics are further treated with special patented finishing processes to create an even colour, lush softness, and elegant lustre. The treated white bed sheets and bath linens are strong and durable, and they are carefully tailored to reinforce their strength and stability.

In The White Shop, you'll find an elegant selection of white bedding and bath linens that celebrate the simple timelessness of white and ivory, in all of their subtle shades. White is the most versatile of all colours in the spectrum, inspiring and magical, and ultimately entirely what you make of it. Use shades of white bed linen to brighten a room, energising your senses, and help you wake up in the morning. White can also calm your mind and ease your senses. It's the perfect backdrop for seasonal colours and patterns, but quality white bedding stands alone in its classic simplicity.