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6 Tips for Proper Towel Storage

proper towel storage

No doubt many of us have experienced that unpleasant moment when we reach for a clean, fresh, soft bath linen only to find ourselves holding a towel with a musty smell and pile that has been crushed flat. While inexpensive and poorly made towels may be the first to disappoint us, even those made with exceptional craftsmanship can give us less than their best when we don't care for them properly. Proper towel storage can keep your linens looking, smelling, and feeling their best.

Here are 6 helpful tips for how and where to store towels:

  1. Always store towels in a dry location. It's best to keep clean, unused towels out of the bathroom so that they are not exposed to high humidity. Keep them in a linen closet or cupboard near the bathroom so that they are in easy reach but away from moisture.
  2. Fold towels flat and stack them loosely. If you stack or roll towels tightly together in a closet or cabinet, the fibres can quickly become compressed, leaving your towels feeling less soft and fluffy. In addition, bath linens made with natural fibres need to have room to breathe. It's best not to hang bath linens on hooks for long-term towel storage because they can be stretched, misshapen, and irregularly worn.
  3. The best towel storage is well ventilated. The best way to store towels is in a linen closet or airing cupboard. These special cupboards are specifically designed to let air flow in and out, which keeps items made from natural fibres looking, feeling, and smelling their best. It also helps prevent moisture from building up inside the closet and making everything stored there smell musty.
  4. Avoid plastic bags or bins for long-term towel storage. Towels need to be exposed to a regular air movement, which plastic storage bins prevent. Any moisture in the towels will also be trapped inside of the plastic bag or bin, where it can encourage the growth of mould and mildew.
  5. Hang damp towels open to dry completely. Towels need space to air out and dry. Always hang a damp towel open to minimize the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. It's best to hang the towel on a towel bar or drying rack, so that they can dry as much as possible.
  6. Don't store towels in direct sunlight. Regular exposure to direct sunlight can fade coloured towels and cause permanent yellowing of white towels. The best way to store towels is in a closet or cabinet away from windows.

Change your towels out regularly to keep them fresh and clean. If you follow these proper towel storage tips, rotate your towels, and wash them correctly, they will keep their beautiful appearance and wonderfully soft feel for years.