Frette + Spazio Pontaccio 24/7 Net Decorative Pillow

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24/7 Net - One of three different patterns worked in radiantly-coloured yarns. The back panel of all three cushions is decorated with the same cableknit motif. Part of an exclusive collaboration with art and design boutique, Spazio Pontaccio, to create the first homewear collection with the unmistakeable graphic aesthetic of Le Dictateur. Spazio Pontaccio and Creative Director of Le Dictateur, Federico Pepeís special partnership has over the years produced highly successful collections of furnishings, rugs and decorative objects. Now they have accepted Fretteís invitation to pool their expertise in this new adventure. For the first time, Spazio Pontaccio applies its aesthetic to textiles, aided by the talent of Federico Pepe, together with Fretteís mastery of materials and processes.

Dry clean only.