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Frette 379 Light Quilt

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The Frette 379 Light Quilt shimmers with a pleasing lattice pattern of gleaming squares that catch and reflect the light. Fashioned from piece-dyed cotton jacquard on the top panel and paired with smooth cotton sateen on the bottom panel, the Frette 379 Light Quiltís classic square stitching is both cosy and inviting, providing just enough filling for milder evenings. Inside: 100% polyester. Outside: 100% cotton. Made in Italy.

Machine wash in cold water with mild liquid biodegradable detergent without added bleach or whiteners. Dry on low setting and remove before completely dry. Line dry completely then fold and iron.


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Frette 379 and Shading

Inspired by an Art deco fabric sample found in the archive which was labeled as Frette 379 and has been reinterpreted as a modern geometric pattern. Sheets with an allover jacquard design are matched with a geometric duvet cover and a silk blend bedspread that creates a multi layered contemporary bed. Made in Italy.