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bedding component diagram

  1. The Ultimate- Cortina

    Cortina, available in pillow fillers and comforters, is made of Polish white goose down with extremely high filling power, making it the ultimate in luxury. Cortina pillow fillers and comforters are encased in 100% white cotton sateen, 380 TC, filled with 85% pure Polish goose down feathers and finished with a double stitch seam and decorative piping. Pillow fillers are available in light, 1,150 g/m², medium, 1,400 g/m², and firm, 1,650 g/m² . Cortina comforters have a fill power of 750+ and are available in light, 80 g/m², medium, 140 g/m²², and firm, 200 g/m².

  2. Natural Comfort- Sutera

    Sutera, available as a comforter, is made of 100% cotton, 240TC and 300 g/m² weight, the casing features a dobby stripe pattern. The fillers do not undergo any chemical or thermal treatment; each filler goes through a mechanical process that includes carding (to parallelize the fibres), lapping (to obtain the right padding thickness), and a special technique that forces the fibres to remain in place, using hundreds of needles to vertically cross link the fibres.

  3. Silky Soft- Villa

    Available as a comforter, is made from 100% pure white Mulberry silk long fibres, giving it excellent warmth retention, absorbency and breathability. Naturally long Mulberry silk fibres offer supreme moisture management and breathability factor, due to the closed hollow structure. The Villa comforter is encased in cotton sateen, 300 TC, with a weight 275 g/m².

  4. Hypoallergenic- Nuvola

    Nuvola, available in pillow fillers and comforters, combines the warmth of polyester fiber filling with the comfort of hypoallergenic properties. The cotton ticking material undergoes a sanitizing treatment process. Encased in 100% percale, the Massa pillow fillers and comforters undergo a sanitizing treatment process and are filled with 100% poly-microfibre. The pillow fillers, are available in medium and firm and the comforters have a weight 200 g/m².