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Southall Farm & Inn



Southall Farm & Inn
2200 Osage Loop
Franklin TN 37064

+1 (615) 282-2000

Southall Farm & Inn

Southall Farm & Inn is a farm-based resort project nestled between Franklin and Leipers Fork in Tennessee, USA.

Southall Farm and Inn

Southall Farm and Inn

What elements make your city special?

Franklin, Tennessee has a myriad of unique aspects that make it a truly exceptional destination. With its picturesque countryside and uninterrupted views along the Natchez Trace Parkway, as well as the lively and enchanting ambiance of its Main Street, Franklin stands as an idyllic setting for a quintessential Southern American vacation.

What attracts visitors to your city?

As Southern Living Magazine eloquently said, “A historic city [that] has blossomed beyond its small-town roots [but hasn't] outgrown its iconic Southern charm.” We feel it is this small town charm that attracts visitors to Franklin.


Are there particular seasons, events, or periods that draw a significant number of visitors?

With ideal weather conditions and an impressive roster of musical talent, the annual Pilgrimage Festival in September beckons attendees, both close locals and distant travelers. Furthermore, the spring and fall seasons emerge as the most aesthetically pleasing periods to explore Franklin, as the fall foliage undergoes a truly remarkable transformation, showcasing nature's extraordinary colour palette.

What unforgettable experience would you recommend to first-time visitors to your city?

At Southall Farm & Inn, we curate an array of unforgettable experiences, ranging from engaging in agricultural activities on our idyllic farm to indulging in a spa-inspired painting soirée or culminating in a refined three-course culinary odyssey during our tasting menu cooking classes. We pride ourselves on our unique experiences that guests can enjoy.

Can you suggest a popular local spot for lunch, brunch, or dinner?

Southall's dining establishment, known as Sojourner, has garnered considerable acclaim for its weekend brunch offerings and nightly dinner service. This farm-to-table haven showcases the daily harvest from Southall's bountiful fields, all masterfully curated under the culinary stewardship of Executive Chef Andrew Klamar. It’s an all-day restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily, from handcrafted smoothies and house-smoked and cured meats at breakfast to shareable lunch and dinner dishes that highlight the season’s freshest ingredients, Sojourner is elegant but casual. Butcher to beekeeper, barista to sommelier, hen house to patisserie, delicacies preserved and foraged… this is Sojourner. Sojourner’s signature dish, the Southall Salad, appears humble on the menu but is the freshest and most delicious bite. Piled high on the plate are soft leafy greens straight from our hydroponic greenhouse, tossed with crunchy seeds, and dressed with a house made Sorghum vinaigrette. It is simple - done well. Meanwhile, within the heart of downtown Franklin, Culaccino, nestled on Main Street, with its handmade pastas and an intimate ambiance that seamlessly merges the city's charm with the dining experience.

How does your hotel differentiate itself from other hotels in the area?

Southall is just outside of Nashville, yet feels a world away. As you arrive amid the lush and rolling hills of historic Franklin, Tennessee, you find yourself breathing more deeply, feeling more at ease. It’s as though you’ve been transported to a simpler time, when the pace of life was more mindful, more deliberate. The perfect blend of old and new, tradition and innovation, it’s the evolution of Southern hospitality.

What is one unique experience that guests can only find at your hotel?

The bi-weekly Food Fables offering is a signature experience at Southall. Chef Richard Jones along with the Southall Farm Team jointly unveils the origins and history of Southall’s food and agriculture system while guests discover delicious and creative recipes along the way. The experience includes a 3-course tasting menu that highlights the vegetable du jour (a different curation of vegetables every week!) plus outstanding wine pairings introduced by our Sommelier. The experience includes learning detailed lifecycle and growing information of the ingredients, as well as handy hints for growing the featured vegetable for yourself at home. Guests will leave with a recipe folder, inspired to share with friends & family, and a rekindled love of vegetables!

What distinctive experiences can guests expect when staying at your hotel?

Southall Farm & Inn has a wide variety of unique experiences for guests, including Beekeeping 101, Archery & Axe Throwing, Tea & Honey Ceremony and much more.

How does Frette contribute to the guest experience at your hotel? What inspired the custom Frette pieces at your hotel, such as emblems, logos, colors, and materials?

Frette has become the expectation in the luxury hospitality industry. Checking into a brand-new independent property can come with its risks, but with all of the new there is a sense of relief and home when the guests see our Frette linens. At Southall Farm & Inn, we have infused Frette into most of the property. Frette linens can be found in Sojourner’s table linens, the bedding in guest rooms as well as the guest room towels and slippers, and in the spa towels.

Southall Farm & Inn Southall Farm & Inn Southall Farm & InnSouthall Farm & Inn

Southall Farm & Inn

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