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We sat down with New York-based interior designer, Patrik Lonn, to get his take on important style elements and find out what inspires his passion for interior design.

A bedroom designed by Patrik Lonn

A bedroom designed by Patrik Lonn

PATRIK LONN Interior Designer

Patrik Lonn

Interior Designer

What inspired your passion for interior design?

I get inspired by everything in my environment – it can be anything from a stone found during a beach walk, a spice market in Marrakesh, to a snowfall in the Pyrenees Mountains. Travel and meeting new people are a great source of inspiration for me. In my work it is important to be inspired by my client – I once designed an apartment based on the client’s diamond ring.

Who are your (design) mentors?

There are many style icons that I like - I am more inclined to look for inspiration than mentors. I have always admired Yves Saint Laurent as early as when I started looking at fashion for inspiration. The Swedish architect Gunnar Aplund’s serene and understated projects are iconic. Peter Greenaway’s movies are majestic and visually saturated and inspirational. I change constantly, but these are a few of my favorites.
Lately I have been following Karl Lagerfeld's work and I always keep an eye on Peter Marino, my first boss in the US.

What are the most important decorative elements in your home?

My most important design element is my library configuration. I reference the late Swedish painter Prince Eugene’s library at Waldemarsudde constantly when designing libraries. This room, which was filled with art, low book cases with art books and decorated casually with an elegant flair, is spectacular.
Another great inspiration is the Yves Saint Laurent library on Rue de Babylone – very much a take on Marie Laure de Noilles salon on the Place des Etats-Unis – and now my own library/den looks like it but of a much smaller scale and naturally without the Leger paintings.
A library is a room that is comfortable, intellectually stimulating, a room for contemplation – a space for modern living.

Details of bedroom Details of bedroom Details of bedroom

Details of a bedroom suite designed by Patrik Lonn

“The most important elements when designing a bedroom are by far textiles, very good bedding and a super luxurious bed.”

What are your three most important elements when designing a bedroom/room?

The most important elements when designing a bedroom are by far textiles, very good bedding and a super luxurious bed. I favor the "all natural fiber beds" from Hastens. I use textured wallpapers, textile upholstered walls, unfussy drapery panels with sheers and lots of pillows.
Earthly happiness is best achieved when one can act on and realize one's dreams - so why not splurge on your bedroom design elements? After all, this is where it all happens!

From your experience, what is the best decorating advice you can offer someone?

The best decorative advice I would share would be to use light colors without chroma for a fresh and spacious look in any interior.
High gloss lacquered walls, intriguing glossy wallpapers and well-executed window treatments inspired by haute couture gowns are also a must to enhance an interior design.
I have been using a lot of sheers lately to allow the light to flow through the apartments that I am designing. Floor-to-ceiling length draperies make a grand statement and help windows appear larger - super important.

What upcoming projects are you looking forward to?

I am currently working on a private clients residence at 20EEA – a gorgeous five-bedroom apartment with two terraces. In Robert A.M. Stern's masterpiece at 30 Park Place, I am designing a pied-à-terre for a client in Singapore.
We are also working on the final touches on a house in Palm Beach, a compound in Rhode Island as well as a full floor penthouse on Riverside Boulevard here in New York.

Why is the spring a great time to refresh one's home?

The spring time is all about life being re-born, the tradition of Easter, the budding flowers and trees are all indicators that it is a perfect time for a refreshing of your home.

What are your "Frette Favourites"?

My all time favorite Frette collection is the glamorous Purity Doppio Ajour . It reminds me of the movie "A Room With A View" - leisurely cool nights in the Italian country side. Pure luxury.

Where do you go for design inspiration in New York?

New York City’s vast resources and unlimited access to art, museums, interesting events and people are my favorite things about the city. It also is a hub with easy access to South America, Europe and Asia. However, I get my best inspiration from nature in New York - riding my horse in the forest with my two dogs, Samulle and Iphiegenie, running around us.

What is your favourite book, magazine, or site related to design?

I currently enjoy Axel Vervoordt's Wabi Inspiration - a great book for "less is more" living based on the traditional Japanese design philosophy. I always get World of Interiors , the French Cote Sud and lately the Swedish "think tank" magazine ICON .
I follow several Instagram accounts i.e. "cool hunter" etc and enjoy it lots. Our instagram that we just started sparked my interest in other forms of inspiration.

What is on your nightstand?

On my bedside table you would currently find the classic Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, my trainer Peter Leone’s new book Show Jumping Clinic and part one of the Swedish author Jonas Gardell’s trilogy “Never Wipe A Tear Without A Glove”.
I always keep fresh flowers in Sterling silver vases, lots of silver frames, a tray of my favorite cufflinks and scented candles.

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