fabric details
  1. Cotton

    Woven from the finest raw materials available, Frette has produced linens of unparalleled quality that have come to embody luxury, comfort and creativity across the globe; the quality of our cotton is no exception. We employ cotton with long, smooth fibres, making it more uniform, resistant and smoother thread when twisted, making our bedding, bath and homewear durable, easy to care for and soft to the touch. Percale, found in our Hotel Classic Bedding Collection , is a lightweight cotton with a smooth, crisp feel and matte look that is perfect for summer and warmer weather climates. Frette percale has a 200 to 240 thread count. Sateen, found in our Doppio Ajour and Bicolore Collections , is a soft, light and lustrous fabric with a silky smooth feel, luminous sheen and inviting touch. Frette sateen has a thread count of 300 to 500. Poplin, found in our Triplo Bourdon Collection , is a strong cotton fabric in a plain weave that is soft and comfortable with a remarkable sheen and brightness. The structure of poplin gives the fabric the property of not wrinkling quickly and of washing and ironing easily Frette poplin has a thread count of 240.

  2. Linen

    Found in our Doppio Ajour Linen and Bicolore Linen Collections, is a natural fibre extracted from the flax plant with a fresh feel, a silky shine and high resistance. Due to its structure, linen can absorb water equivalent to up to 20% of its weight without the body feeling any humidity. This makes linen an ideal fabric for close contact with the skin, especially in warmer climates.

  3. Silk

    Used in our homewear and as a component of many of our luxury light quilts, is soft, strong and absorbent. This natural fibre helps maintain body temperature, making it suitable for insulation in winter and is cooling for the summer months. Ensuring the highest quality, Frette’s silk is exclusively spun and woven on Italian soil.

  4. Wool

    Found in many of our blankets and throws, has high tensile strength and elasticity offering insulation properties and the ability to retain shape and absorb moisture. Merino Wool comes from the Mediterranean coastal area, the ideal climate for producing the world’s highest quality wool and the only one capable of meeting the standards for Frette’s exacting weaves.

  5. Cashmere

    Found in our homewear collection and various blankets and throws, is a precious fibre with extraordinary traits. Obtained exclusively from the fleece of the Hyrcus goat, native to the mountainous regions of Asia, cashmere has an extremely high capacity for thermal insulation in both cold and hot climates. Highly prized because of the limited quantity produced each year, Frette deals exclusively with the finest raw materials, spinning and weaving it into the very best cashmere fabric available today.