The name really says it all; comfort. Warm, cozy and comforting on a cold day, our lovely comforters chase away the doldrums of a dreary winter's night, and turn your bed space into an inviting sanctuary where lovely and inspiring dreams are made. Frette's comforters are equally wonderful when the temperature rises. The inner design distributes a perfect weight balance, which is why our comforters are always light and never too heavy. The high-filling power of the Cortina, Polish white, goose down inside, makes it just right for every temperature level. Plush fillers are the basis for everything that is wonderful about the lux design of our pillows and comforters. We produce four distinct fillers: Cortina, Sutera, Villa, and Hypoallergenic Massa. Each is encased in the finest fabrics, for managing moisture, firmness, and downy softness. A high thread count contributes to beauty and durability. The inside of pillows and comforters is well structured through a mechanical lapping and cording process that allows the product to thicken and stabilize without being chemically or thermally treated. This is optimum for good health, sustainability and comfort.