Bath mats aren’t the second-class citizens of bath linens. Bath mats are an essential luxury element that should grace the floor of home bathrooms everywhere. This being said, not just any mat will do. Bathroom mats by Frette are superior linens to other non-absorbent mats that are slightly plusher than the floor beneath your feet. Like all Frette bath linen products, our mats deliver on absorbency, durability, and attractiveness. Our mats don’t leave the user disappointed by lack of performance, but provide a soft, absorbent cushion for moist feet stepping from a steamy bath or shower. Striking, Italian-artisan bath mats are fashioned from 100% cotton and cotton/terry. Bordered in a rich sateen finish, our mats are available in multiple colors and sizes that are perfect for every bathroom décor. Frette’s mats are guaranteed to raise your level of luxury experience.